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If elected as your State Senator:

I pledge that I will be in your community offering office hours every single month.  If there’s no room in your town hall, I’ll set up shop in your library, your senior center, a local coffee shop.  Whatever needs to happen I’ll make it happen.  

I pledge to be responsive.  If you contact me, you’ll hear back from me.  Not with a form letter but with actual contact.  I’ll be in your community.  Look at my record.  I am a tireless worker.  If elected you’ll see me all the time not just right before election day.   

If elected, I will be a full time senator. It will be my full time job and with that, comes full time commitment. 

It was important to me to develop a platform on issues that affect the daily lives of people.  Common sense proposals that could actually pass and make a difference. With that in mind, we worked to develop a platform that would get results.  We brainstormed about what is affecting residents of the First Middlesex District on a daily basis.  We came up with what we’re calling “A Platform to Stand On.”  


School Safety

Whether you’re a student, a parent, a grandparent, you’re concerned with the safety of our children.  So am I.  With two daughters and three granddaughters, the first about to enter kindergarten this fall, I want to see our schools as safe as possible.

Opiod Crisis

Who among us has not been touched by the Opioid crisis that has ravaged our country?  There isn’t a family in the District, including my own, that hasn’t been touched by this problem.

Make Higher Education Affordable Again

Too many of our young people are saddled with crushing college debt.  How can you buy a car or a home if all of your disposable income is spent paying off your college loans?  How can you become contributing members of our society when you need to live at home with your parents just to make ends meet?  They’re in a financial crunch that we never had to experience.  We need to develop a vehicle for our children that allows them to attend college without creating a lifetime of financial hardship.  

Utility Companies

Going days upon days without electricity in the middle of winter is extremely frustrating and potentially costly for everyone.  It would seem that the electric companies would be better prepared to handle these types of storms since they keep occurring.  

Local Aid Funding

Local aid should be a priority for the Commonwealth.  As a current local elected official I understand the importance of local aid to communities.  It puts teachers in the classroom, police on the streets, and firemen on trucks.  It’s critical to the functioning of our cities and towns. As someone who has served and also worked in local government I truly get it.  

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